Patricia Wood is a dancer, choreographer, teacher and performer, who is currently based between Sydney and Cairns.

Her choreographic research focuses on the embodied practice of transmission, ephemerality and memory, and encompasses radio, text and IRL performances.
She grew up in Cairns, Far North Queensland on Yirrganydji land, and spent a lot of her childhood swimming in various bodies of water, devouring mangoes, and not wearing shoes. She now lives and works in Sydney, on Gadigal land, and wears shoes much more often.
She is an amateur tarot reader, and will never say no to a good cup of tea or really good tequila.
Her works have been described as “striking, innovative and thought-provoking.”
Her tarot reading has not.

Short works…
Patricia has developed a number of short works including, Sonar So Far (2023), So Far Sonar (2022), Trish + Trisha (in development), Transmission Solo (2019), Dance Pirate Radio – Telepathic Democracy (2018), A Re-Enactment (2015), and 11 Steps (2012).
In 2017, she took on the role of movement direction for 2071, a scientifically rigorous play written in collaboration with the Climate Council, Australian Theatre for Young People and Vivid.
She’s also collaborated with visual artist Laura Hindmarsh on Long Distance Accumulation (2017) for Runway and the Keir Choreographic award, and with composer Benedict Eris Carey on Motherese (2019) for HFMT Hamburg.

… with others…
Patricia works regularly with and for others, including Mette Edvardsen, Eszter Salamon, Rosalind Crisp, Lee Serle, Victoria Hunt, Angela Goh, Ivey Wawn, Rhiannon Newton, Rochelle Haley, Tino Seghal, Dean Walsh, Anna Halprin and Stan’s Café.
She received a Master of Research from Macquarie University (2016), was a board member for Critical Path (2018-2020), a teaching artist with Sydney Dance Company (2016-2024) and managed artist-run space, ReadyMade Works (2017-2019). Her writing has been published in Un Magazine and Critical Dialogues.

 … and with support
Patricia has received support from Creative Australia, CreateNSW, Omeo Dance, Bundanon Trust, Critical Path, Tasdance, Frontyard, DirtyFeet, ReadyMade Works, PACT, Sydney University, Ausdance NSW, Dance Makers Collective, Brand X, Arts Iceland, Arts Queensland and Regional Arts.

... what they say:
“Trish Wood… is at the top of her game in terms of both physical/ technical and emotive/intellectual prowess.” 
Vicki van Hout, FORM Blog, 2022

“Wood is an amazing performer.”
Lynne Lancaster, Dance Informa, 2019

“Dropped the Death card into her tea.”
Tarot client, 2020

As a teacher...
Patricia has taught dance and choreographic practice in a variety of frameworks.
Since 2016 Patricia has worked at Sydney Dance Company as a Teaching Artist working with the Education Team to facilitate community workshops across Australia. She has also taught in different facets of Education and Training at Sydney Dance Company - school holiday workshops, youth ensemble, advanced training, short courses, McDonald College and open studio classes. From 2020-2023, she worked with disability-led company, Weird Nest, to facilitate weekly movement and performance-making workshops for young people living with intellectual disability. In 2019 and 2020, Patricia lectured at the Australian College Physical Education, in Contemporary Dance and Choreography and has recently rejoined the faculty. She has also taught at McDonald College, Dance Makers Collective, IDC, WAAPA and Sydney Dance Company.
From 2015-2019 she taught, curated and facilitated industry level contemporary dance classes under the name, Independent Dance Classes (IDC) with support from ReadyMade Works.
In 2014 she worked with Ausdance NSW to produce and teach Sydney Dance Company’s Big Dance, in partnership with Sydney Dance Company and the Sydney Opera House.

For a detailed CV of work click here.


I acknowledge and pay respects to the Gadigal, Yirragandji and Gimuy Walubara Yidinji people on whose Country I live and work. I recognise their continuing connection to land, waters and culture and pay my respects to their Elders past, present and future.



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Morphing the Metamorphosis

Sonar So Far
Sonar So Far

Trish + Trisha 
Morphing the Metamorphosis

So Far Sonar
Career Development - Australia Council

In the Making

Trish + Trisha

Trish + Trisha


Digital Love Languages

Trish + Trisha

Everybody Dance Now

Mapping Score

Trish + Trisha

3 Acts of Resemblance

Trish + Trisha

Re-embodying Body Culture

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LINK Dance Company, Perth
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Cairns Festival Commission
Artist in residence, Sydney University
Artist in residence, Arts Iceland
Artist in residence, Bundanon Trust
DMC commission, Granville Art Gallery
Trisha Brown Dance Company, New York
Collaborator for Katya Petetskaya, Tanks Art Centre, Cairns
Artist in residence, Sydney University
Artist in residence, Omeo Dance, Orbost
Participant, Dance Nucleus, Singapore
Participant, School for Poetic Computation, New York
Moving Ideas residency, ReadyMade Works
Dance Captain, Sydney Opera House
Performer for Happy Hour 13, ReadyMade Works
Bursary recipient, March Dance Festival
Performer for Happy Hour 12, ReadyMade Works
Creative Development, ReadyMade Works
Research asst. for Dr Amanda Card, Sydney University
Sydney Dance Company PPY1 Performance
Performer for Lee Serle
Creative Development, DAIR
Performer for Rochelle Hayley
Writer and performer for Mette Edvardsen, Oslo Biennal
Critical Path Responsive Residency with Benedict Carey
Cement Fondu In Touch digital Commission
TiNA Performance Research with Cleo Mees
Dance Massive Open Studios & March Dance
City of Sydney
Omeo Dance, Paris
Participant for Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Paris
Bundanon Residency
Dirty Feet Choreographic Lab
Collaboration with Laura Hindmarsh
Performer for Ivey Wawn, Underbelly Arts Festival, Sydney
Performer for Victoria Hunt, Dance Massive, Melbourne


September 2022 / Career Development - Australia Council  / Trisha Brown Dance, NY
June 2022 / In the Making    Collaborator for Katya Petetskaya / Tanks Art Centre, Cairns
May 2022 / Trish + Trisha    Artist in residence / Sydney University
May 2022 / Trish + Trisha    Artist in residence / Omeo Dance, Orbost
April - November 2022 / CP3 / Participant, Dance Nucleus, Singapore
March- May 2022 / Digital Love Languages / School for Poetic Computation, NY
March- May 2022 / Trish + Trisha / Moving Ideas residency, ReadyMade Works
April 2022 / Everybody Dance Now / Dance Captain, Sydney Opera House
March 2022 / Mapping Score / Performer for Happy Hour 13, ReadyMade Works
March 2022 / Trish + Trisha / Bursary recipient, March Dance Festival
December 2021 / 3 Acts of Resemblance / Happy Hour 12, ReadyMade Works
November 2021 / Trish + Trisha / Creative Development, ReadyMade Works
November 2021 / Re-embodying Body Culture / Research asst. for Dr Amanda Card, Sydney Uni
April 2021 / Dream Waves and other such matter / Sydney Dance Company PPY1 Performance
April 2021 / Time Portrait / Performer for Lee Serle
March 2021 / Trish + Trisha / Creative Development, DAIR
January - March 2021 / Ever Sun / Performer for Rochelle Hayley
November 2020 / Time has fallen asleep in the afternoon sunshine / Writer and performer for Mette Edvardsen, Oslo Biennal
June - August 2020 / Three Body Phasing / Critical Path Residency w/ Benedict Carey
June 2020 / Floating against gravity / Cement Fondu In Touch digital Commission
October 2019 / Transmission Practices / TiNA Performance Research with Cleo Mees
March 2019 / Transmission Solo / Dance Massive Open Studios & March Dance
2018 - 2019  / Live/Work – Creative Spaces / City of Sydney
August - November 2018 / Transmission Residency / Omeo Dance, Paris
September 2018 / Slow Walk / Participant for Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Paris
June 2018 / Reading Practices / Bundanon Residency
May 2018 / Dance Pirate Radio / Dirty Feet Choreographic Lab
March 2018  / Long Distant Accumulation / Collaboration with Laura Hindmarsh
September 2017 / Greyness and Infinity / Performer for Ivey Wawn, Underbelly Arts, Sydney
March 2017 / Tangi Wai / Performer for Victoria Hunt, Dance Massive, Melbourne